1. Favorite things to paint? Anything that moves me, nature mostly
  2. Mostly paint? waves, fish, wildlife, landscapes, home, life
  3. Preferred medium? watercolor
  4. Inspirations? creation, ocean city nj, the outdoors, the youth, practicality
  5. Dislikes? cantaloupe, celery, video games
  6. Likes? Jesus, family, painting, teaching, coaching, soccer, hunting, shooting, fishing, crabbing, clamming, shark fishing, exploring the outdoors
  7. Years creating art? 28ish
  8. Years selling art? 15
  9. Job? primary school art teacher, high school varsity soccer coach
  10. Family? one wife, one baby
  11. Recommend? Carluccios Coal Fired Pizza, live off the land as much as you can, go outside
  12. Favorite foods? pizza, crabs and spaghetti, sushi
  13. Vehicle? truck, whaler, duck boat
  14. Favorite Animals? deer, ducks, sharks, lions
  15. First piece of art sold? bob marley pencil drawing, $40
  16. Favorite Artists? Rick Griffin, Dr. Seuss, Gary Larsen, Salvadore Dali
  17. Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla
  18. Music? bob marley, lynyrd skynyrd, johnny cash
  19. Teams? Boston Celtics, Phillies
  20. Favorite song? Redemption song - jbc studio 1980 - bob marley